Gwyneth Paltrow | Carter Smith | Elle US September 2011 | 'The Spellbinder'

Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow covers the September edition of Elle US photographed by Carter Smith. The blonde actress conveys a wide range of emotions in designs from Christopher Kane, Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, Tom Ford and others chosen by Joe Zee.

The spirited images match equally candid commentary by Paltrow about herself and her life with Coleplay’s Chris Martin.

From the interview:

On showing the world a different side of herself: “If you speak to my friends who’ve known me since I was four, they’ll say, ‘That is her.’ They always said to me, ‘You’re the dirtiest person in the world and so funny. Show the world that side of you.’ I felt guarded. I felt like if I really showed people more of me and I was still not accepted, then…Who cares. You just realize it doesn’t matter what people think of you.”

On the false rumors of a split: “Sometimes it’s hard being with someone for a long time. We go through periods that aren’t all rosy. I always say, life is long and you never know what’s going to happen. If, God forbid, we were ever not to be together, I respect him so much as the father of my children. Like, I made such a good choice. He’s such a good dad. You can never be relaxed or smug and think, I’ve got this thing. That’s also part of it—keeping yourself on your toes. I’m not going to take this for granted.”



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