Gustav Johansson's 'Education First: Live the Language' Campaign for EF International Learning Centers

Wanderlust has always been in my soul, and I’m blessed to have traveled far and wide and frequently. When I saw this series of travel pleasures videos and visuals directed by Gustav Johansson and produced by Camp Davil Film, it took me a minute to wake up to the reality that they are commercials of the quietest kind.

EF International Language Centers is a Swedish-based company offering language courses in over 50 countries, as well as study abroad programs. With no sales pitch involved (a very Scandinavian approach to business), the focus of the films and visuals is to tap into the emotional and psychological excitement of experiencing new cultures, new friendship.

Gustav Johansson’s Education First Live the Language videos celebrate the joys and passions of travel and discovery — especially when one can speak the language. Enjoy! This is a very special commercial project. Anne


via Trendland