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‘Authenticity’ Is Luxury

The Modern Apothecaries NYTimes

Today’s niche luxury cosmetic brands are bottling authenticity as a cornerstone of luxury. The idea of transparency with oils, grains and herbs is preferable to unknown chemicals that make often absurd performance claims.

Sicilian Sweets

In Search of the Perfect Gelato WSJ

Cerde, a small town in Sicily, may be known for its artichoke festival. The topic today is Antonio Cappadonia’s brioche with gelato mounds — a vision of an ‘ice cream sandwich’ previously unknown to us. Can you imagine being paid to taste your way through Sicily’s gelato paradise, an experience distinctly feminine from the looks of these luscious images?

I follow the coffee flavor’s light, unexpectedly malleable vein of texture to the bottom of the bun. The gelato’s flavor is pulled shot by shot from Mr. Cappadonia’s decades-old Vibiemme espresso machine, and it’s like licking caffeine from a spoon. I turn to the bacio—a deep, dark chocolate/hazelnut “kiss” that could be called “Nutella for grown-ups” if trademark issues weren’t involved. It is dense to the point of straining—but not breaking—the spade-shaped plastic spoon.

Tough job!

The Tender Erotic

Womanly Artichokes | Nibble with Care & Patience AOC Sensually Yours

This sexy little vignette is mine,  inspired by Hot Flashes Sexy Stories, whose artichoke story begins: She held it, hot, in her hand and slowly pulled back one of the outer leaves. She grazed her teeth down from the narrow tip and caught the tiny mound of flesh at its base.

This image comes from African Alchemy, a gem of a blog written by a woman homesteading somewhere in Africa.