The Health Benefits Of A Plant-Based Diet

Bartolomeo Bimbi, Oranges, Limes, Lemons, and Citrus lumia, 1715, Oil on canvas

Former president Bill Clinton is one of the most ardent advocates for plant-based nutrition. A love of burgers, pizza and good, old-fashioned barbeque left Clinton with serious heart disease and clogged arteries. His daughter Chelsea, a long-time vegetarian was the lightening rod for his food conversion.

President Clinton was a key advocate in making ‘The China Study’ one of America’s best-selling books on nutrition. Attracted to these beautiful images on The Pandorian, I found myself drawn into a thoughtful, objective discussion of plant-based nutrition.

The medical evidence shows that consuming ‘whole food plant based’ nutrition can reverse many diseases: inflammation, anxiety, depression, Lupus, MS, Diabetes, Osteoporosis to name but a few. The China study surveyed 6500 people in total, from more than 65 countries. It is still the most comprehensive study done on nutrition and it’s hard to argue with it. Not only can plant based nutrition maintain health but it can also act like medicine and change health.

“The science base is very strong that fruits and vegetables are protective for all the gastrointestinal cancers and all the smoking-related cancers,” says Tim Byers, professor of preventive medicine at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver.

Additional benefits of plant-based nutrition include increased energy and better sleep, Fruit and vegetables are kind to skin and provide clean energy for enhanced bainpower.

US News rates the Mediterranean diet as the best plant-based diet. Enjoy their overview of various plant-based diets, some more rigid than others. ~ Anne

Willem van Aelst, Still-Life with Fruit and Crystal Vase, 1652, Oil on canvas

Willem van Aelst, Still-Life with a Basket of Fruit on a Marble Ledge, 1650, Oil on canvas,