Tom Ford's Private Blend Atelier D’orient Collection For Connoisseurs

Tom Ford presents Atelier d’Orient, which is a collection of four private blend fragrances. Each scent is inspired by the sublime beaty, enigmatic sensuality and exquisite luxury of Asia. The different fragrances tell a story about Asia, and the use of ingredients that have long been seen as prestige and prominent in the orient makes the story even more rich and fruitful.

The names of the fragrances are ‘Plum Japonais’, ‘Fleur de Chine’, ‘Shanghai Lily’ and ‘Rive d’Ambre, and this makes it clear that the inspiration of these scents come from the Asian continent. Voluptuous florals and precious fruits are incorporated in the scent, along with uncommon oils and aromatic spices.

Speaking about the scent, Tom Ford said “Private Blend is my own personal scent laboratory…designed with the true fragrance connoisseur in mind”, thus showing how much input and control he had over carefully selecting each aspect to go into a beautiful creation. - Ceylan