Film | Vogue China's Angelica Cheung By Aurélie Saada

In this short film by French director Aurélie Saada, shot during the July couture shows, Vogue China Editor-in-Chief Angelica Cheung talks about life in the fashion world and the growing importance of her magazine.

Angelica Cheung: In Paris on

Saada trailed Cheung for a day meeting with actress, model and Schiaparelli muse Farida Khelfa, attending the Chanel show, and lunching with Chinese superstar Zhou Xun. “Angelica is driven by a sort of mission for her country to make the voices of young Chinese designers heard and to help them develop,” explains Saada, who recently made the move into directing, but is perhaps best known as one half of the sensational French pop duo Brigitte. “She has set out to educate Chinese luxury consumers, teaching that big names and logos are not always the way to go; rather one should approach fashion as the expression of one’s personality.” Launched in September 2005, Vogue China has quickly become one of the biggest international editions of the magazine, with the first issue’s initial run of 300,000 copies selling out almost instantly, leading to a second printing. Subsequently, while many publications have thinned in line with the economy, Vogue China has consistently increased its page count in order to keep up with demand for advertising requests. “This woman has a real deepness to her, a real generosity that made the experience incredible,” says Saada of the Beijing-based Cheung. “She opened the door to her hotel room for me in the morning, and she spoke without taboo for the whole day. She is a strong and generous woman––attentive, unpretentious, and emblematic.”