Lucia Nova Distressed Beauty Boutique Hotel in Valetta, Malta

When I wrote about deceased Apple founder Steve Jobs’ yacht being impounded in Amsterdam in a fee dispute with Philippe Starck, several of my Facebook friends commented that they loathed the design. Made of aluminum in a project that came in about $50 million under budget, megayacht ‘Venus’ does look like a 21st century navy destroyer on the high seas. Appearing as a fortress by design, there is nothing inviting about the design — which was deliberately nonpretentious, says Starck.

Smart Sensuality types prefer a fusion of old and new like these images of Malta’s boutique hotel Lucia Nova, located in Valletta.

Lucia Nova, a Maltese house - historic, slightly worn at the edges, a little bit of the old mixed with the new. Distressed original walls preserved for their beauty, are combined with beautiful fabrics and contemporary design furniture and lamps. Located in the old quarter of the town, where the windows and balconies are festooned with the day’s washing, hanging out like street decorations ready for a parade.


via vsu