Organic Greenery-Draped Chandeliers for the Holidays & Beyond

Greenery Draped Chandeliers enduces an organic and crisp feeling to the interior throughout each photograph. Each shot expresses a different version of the same idea; with variations from Garden of Eden type ambiance, to simple airy touches of nature which still brings warmth.

The images illustrate that a little greenery can go a long way for those whose simple pleasures are naturistic scenes. It seemingly simple to replicate one of these for an occasion in your own home. It is also a good use of Greenery for the Holidays if you want to decorate without the normal decorations; this direction creates a subtle adult approach. 


Chandelier by: John Sarriugarte

Chandelier by: John Sarriugarte

Photographer: Michael Ash 

Designer: Louesa Roebuck 

via gnst