David Austin Roses Inspire Our Humanity, Spirituality & Sensual Selves


Image Robert Rothschid; Styled by Anne EnkeCan you imagine if David Austin roses were on my doorstep this weekend, when sending a digital bouquet to AOC readers became a high priority!

Do not wince dear Superfresh grocery store flowers because your image — and message of intimacy and sensuality — went far and wide on Facebook this weekend. (See This Weekend, Please Take Time To Smell the Roses | Laduree Brings Macaroon Pleasure to New York.)

Except for my dear friend Scottish photographer Kate Scott — who is hard at work on perfecting her images of David Austin roses and also my FB friend Sherry Palmer, who grows them in British Colombia, Canada — most of my friends don’t know the complete knockout visual treat I could have created with David Austin roses.

Always a lover of erotic blooms in particular — my first retail venture was a plant store after all — I’m swept away by David Austin roses. Forgive me for being a tiny bit improper, but David Austin roses are a real bodice ripper, when the subject is heavenly, intoxicating blooms. 

If Eve had succumbed to a David Austin rose rather than an apple, I might believe her role in temptation story. Kicked out of the Garden of Eden, I only hope that Eve would have stripped the bushes bare with the knowledge that no matter what her and Adam’s suffering, her David Austin roses represented a sensual anchor that would last her beleaguered lifetime.

David Austin roses are a gift to humanity, one that inspires our best selves — flowers that elevate our spirituality and awe of the natural universe, all common themes at AOC.

I begged Kate Scott to share her David Austin work in process, as a prelude to showing you some favorite images of popular David Austin roses. Here are her images, and links to my other writing about Kate’s exquisite images.

Many of my digital journeys bring extraordinary rewards, and this David Austin rose excursion was no exception. I’ve discovered some extraordinary digital jewels this morning and will devote more writing space to sharing these wonderful blog treasures. Anne


Kate Scott work in process: David Austin roses


Kate Scott work in process: ‘Ruffles’ David Austin roses

Most Fabulous David Austin Roses

AOC is only doing Internet homework in identifying the most wonderful David Austin Roses. One is more beautiful than the next, so what does the ranking order matter. In choosing  these gorgeous images, we will omit other deserving blooms.

The point of this visual exercise is to intoxicate and inspire readers to make David Austin roses their own Green Beings gold standard, the ultimate luxury blooms for rose growers who are wanton with desire, when the subject is sensual flowers

Fair Bianca


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Crown Princess Margareta

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