Andrea Riseborough & James D'Arcy | Tom Munro | Vanity Fair September 2011 | Windsor Dressing

‘Windsor Dressing’ is a spectacular Vanity Fair September 2011 look at clothes worn in the upcoming film W.E. directed by Madonna and focused on two love stories: Britain’s King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson; and in America the story of a contemporary New Yorker known as Wally, who falls in love with a security guard at Sotheby’s.

Vanity Fair writes: ‘It’s not surprising that Madonna chose this topic for her first feature film as a director; for 50 years the Windsors were known for their rebelliousness, their extravagance, and their impeccable taste.’

Tom Munro captures all the couture grandeur of the clothes that made Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII the fashion icons of their day, creators of a beautiful facade, modeled here by W.E. actors Andrea Riseborough and James D’Arcy. Read more at Vanity Fair.


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