Book | Unnatural Selection by Mara Hvistendahl

Gender Selection & A World Full of Men

Asia now has 163 million females “missing” from its population. Gender imbalance reaches far beyond Asia, affecting Georgia, Eastern Europe, and cities in the U.S. where there are significant immigrant populations. The world, therefore, is becoming increasingly male, and this mismatch is likely to create profound social upheaval.

Historically, eras in which there have been an excess of men have produced periods of violent conflict and instability.

In some areas of Punjab, among high castes, the ratio of girls to boys was 300 to 1,000. This fact is a staggering statistic, one that represents the worst example of gendercide in India and it’s occurring in the upper class.

Mara Hvistendahl is unflinching and also pro-abortion rights. Like Anne she is dismayed that the only loud voices dealing with the strong preference for boys in Asia and Eastern Europe are the anti-abortion forces. The left internationally — as they are in America — remains silent in support of any logical cultural approach to this challenge that focuses on maternal health, maternal rights and a cultural understanding that educated women with fewer children offer the best hope for the 21st century.

My own stance on abortion didn’t change, in that I continue to be pro-abortion rights. I was, however, dismayed at how much American abortion politics on both the right and the left has come to bear on the issue of sex selection in ways that are reshaping the developing world. On the right, conservatives have made this an issue about the fetus and when life begins. They are using what happens in Asia to try to push through restrictions on abortion in the U.S. But I don’t see much concern for what’s happening to men and women in the developing word. On the left, people are generally pretty scared to tackle this issue because it deals with abortion, and the result is that we don’t see much international action.

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