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Grand Entrance

Hotel Missoni Opens in Kuwait 

Like Edinburgh, Kuwait second hotel in Kuwait City is furnished head to toe in the Italian Missoni fashion brand. Everything from the coffee cups to the decorative pillows carries the Missoni design vision. What would luxury be without a super car pickup? A Maserati chauffeur service from the airport starts your trip in high gear.

Hotels Missoni has a nice website. Check in.

Samaritaine Rebirth

British Vogue writes that LVMH — owners of shuttered department store Samaritaine — will move forward with plans to redevelop the space.

According to Forbes, redevelopment includes a Louis Vuitton boutique, a department store, a Cheval Blanc hotel, 95 housing units and daycare centre for children. The project will cost €450 million (£395.2), and is thought to open in 2014.

Yes, day care. After all, we’re in France now where support systems for women are much more advanced than in America

Sensually Yours


Promoting their first beauty issue WWD asks real women why they wear fragrance.

At the sources: Roses in Chanel’s Grasse fields. Photo courtesy Chanel“What makes me buy a fragrance is, of course, how it smells, but more so how it makes me feel,” said Carol H.

A contributor named MJ wrote: “To me, fragrances are very evocative of specific times and places, even people. I like to get a new fragrance to embody an event or time of my life. Whenever I smell that scent, I’m transported in time to the special moment.”

WWD writes the US fragrance market is so strong, that sales have nearly returned to prerecession levels. There’s a fly in the beauty ointment, however. Young consumers aren’t predisposed to wearing scent.


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Madame Sarkozy

Carla Bruni is pregnant, according to father-in-law Pal Sarkozy.

“I am delighted at the arrival of my grandchild,” he told Bild. “They do not want to know the sex of the baby in advance, but I’m sure it will be a girl and she will be as beautiful as Carla.”




Arnault Honored

We missed news that Bernard Arnault received the Corporate Citizenship award from the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars at the White House last month. British Vogue reports:

In accepting the award, Arnault said:

“To receive this award tonight in your presence is not only an honour but also a very happy, powerful and poignant occasion for me,” he said. “Tonight, you do not just honour me. What you honour with this special award is a commitment of more than 80,000 people with a unique ambition to delight the world, to beautify our universe and to inspire the spirit of our times.”

Louis Vuitton designer Marc Jacobs said of his boss:

“We all work hard to win his approval,” he explained. “[He] is a great supporter of all art forms - from good wine to beautiful interiors, to great art to great fashion. I just think he’s a great businessman and a great appreciator of the art of living.”

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Sexual Politics

Slut Walks Are Organized by Liberal Feminists, but Don’t Help Women The Daily Beast

Femen protesting in the UkraineWe disagree, after much soul searching, AOC is supporting SlutWalks, under the intellectual banner that from the IMF in Washington (see today’s NYT At IMF, Men on Prowl and Women on Guard) to the streets of Khartoum where 40,000 women a year are flogged for wearing pants that are too tight (we’re talking loosely-fitted gabardine trousers) ALL women are considered prostitutes in one way or another, even in monotheistic religions.

We hate the word, but AOC is onboard with SlutWalks and Anne will join a march in Philadelphia on June 18.

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