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This quickie post of Annica by Dimitiris Skoulos for Elle Greece Aug 2010, reinforces two talking topics.

Most important, intimacy is showing up all over new fashion editorial. Men are back in the picture, at a time when money doesn’t buy love.

Does it take a global recession to bring men and women together, inspiring us to relish what matters and give up what doesn’t? Heck, we may wear rose-colored glasses, but that optimism is a bit over the top.


Anne also asked us to tell you how important Greece is to her.

It was actually sailing in the Ionian Sea, that Anne made a key life decision — rocking in a small sailboat in Ithaca — that no amount of money was worth her bad-boy fiance’s impossible behavior. Anne is just too grounded for those self-important antics from rich men.

Drifting in the Ionian Sea, washing her small boat each morning, eating fresh oranges, crusty bread out of the over, and honey before setting sail to another island, another set of rocks for thinking, and a new carafe of red wine waiting, Anne had the vacation of a lifetime.

It was the best vacation of her life — and she only wonders what it would have been like with a man she truly loved.

Dropping Anchor in Ithaca, Greece

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This is one of Anne’s very favorite videos about living a sensual life. It reminds her of all the conflicting but rich elements on our life journey, a path hopefully to a place of self-realization and understanding.

Call it happiness, perhaps joy and self-love. Maybe it’s just a positive maturity that some humans achieve in life.  However we define it, we hope you find it. Love from Group Sensuality

Sailing Towards Ithaca | Paul Coelho | CP Cavafy (aka Kavafis) AOC Apple Valley

Vangelis - Mythodea - NASA Mission Mars Odyssey 2001