Nordstrom To Open Store Supporting Nonprofits in Soho

350 West Brodway, New York CityRetailer Nordstrom is opening a brand-new philanthro-activists store concept in lower Manhattan. Nordstrom has signed a lease on 11,100 square feet in the bottom two stories of a new luxury condominium building at 350 Broadway, owned by Aby Rosen.

Nordstrom has just upped the Smart Sensuality trend, declaring that the New York store will be a philanthropic destination, with all earnings from the new store going to charity. Nordstrom company spokeswoman Pamela Lopez says the new store won’t be called Nordstrom.

“From the customer’s point of view, there will be literally no tie-in to Nordstrom — there will be no Nordstrom shopping bags,” Lopez told The (New York) Post. “Our intention is not to create a mini-Nordstrom.”
Seriously, at AOC we know that many of our readers believe Americans should just stop shopping. Besides sending the global economy into a total tailspin, it’s not realist as an action plan for America. Becoming thoughtful shoppers would be good for the country, and this concept is right out of my consulting book.

We don’t know yet the kinds of merchandise that will be stocked in the new store, or how much overlap will exist between the Nordstrom and Jeffrey assortments.

This new concept of a nonprofit store carries a significant message that many Smart Sensuality luxury shoppers will embrace.

If the shop is cool and nonproits responsible, Nordstrom will get a lot of free PR and support from websites like ours. They won’t drive the Nordstrom brand message in philanthropy. We will.

When Nordstrom bought chic boutique Jeffrey in the Meatpacking District and also Atlanta in 2005, that was a smart move. While this decision has much strategy to refine, we’ll be watching its evolution with great interest. Anne