Rachel Kramer Bussel's Light Seduction Valentine's Day Cupcakes & Sexy, Spanking Erotica

via Flickr’s obliviousfire

The adult world has gone cupcake crazy. Even the most erotic mind … like the one belonging to erotica-writer Rachel Kramer Bussel adores a good cupcake.

When she’s not writing about spanking, Rachel is scouring cyberspace with co-bloggers Allison and Nichelle to find material for Cupcakes Take the Cake, the premier cupcake blog around.

Martha Stewart’s Sexy Little Devils

Watch Rachel in the kitchen with Martha Stewart, kicking off Martha’s Cupcake Week.

I agree that Red Velvet cupcakes are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Following Cupcakes Take the Cake’s link back to The Providence Journal, I found — not only the cupcake recipe — but lots more history about Red Velvet cupcakes AND this gorgeous photo.

Indeed, cupcake baking has become an art, as a quick trip through Flickr’s sexy cupcakes photos confirms.

The pièce de résistance blog entry on Valentine’s Day cupcakes is this Valentine’s Day cupcake-decorating tutorial from My Sweet and Saucy.

It features detailed information on buying impressions and molds to make these gorgeously, seductive cupcake concoctions.

Just in case you think I am totally perverted, ABC News featured an article yesterday “Kinky Sex Is On the Rise, Therapists Say.”

I’ve told you more than once that grabbing the spatula is more common than ever in today’s kitchens.

If you’re inspired, tune in as Rachel Kramer Bussel previews her latest “Spanked” book YouTube … . consider it a little pre-cupcake making inspiration, here you go. What can I say … really nice girls do the darndest things. A