Turkish Delight: Sailing a Different Mediterranean Sea

Greece Is For Lovers Hooker’s Delight martini glass via NotCotI freely admit to enjoying a gin martini; and the best vacation of my life was sailing in a small boat, in the Ionian Sea.

Recently I had dinner with a man who keeps a sailboat in Turkey. My first question was about the speed of my Internet connection onboard.

To his credit, he did not drop me after the first date, but I think he felt a bit dismayed by my question.

In Turkey, Sailing Into the Exotic on a Blue Cruise: NYTLanding now on Naughty Notcot, (see martini glasses above), my mind drifts away from the ice-chunky New York Hudson River waters below my window, to Turgutreis, on the western side of the Bodrum Peninsula.

What my new friend doesn’t understand is that if I could get on a high-speed satellite Internet line, I might sail around all next winter. These were clearly his thought also, but Anne blogging on my Macbook Pro wasn’t in his fantasy.

What can I say: “I’m a working girl.”

More Hooker”s DelightExamining this sexy Greece Is For Lovers: Hooker’s Delight martini glass, I have visions of hearing “olives overboard” and me diving into the pristine blue waters to save them, from soiling the landscape. Always the environmentalist!

Now I’m geting serious about this Turkish Delight possibility, so I pop over to YouTube, where I am lost in the beauty of what awaits me.

I’m dazzled and determined to find a way to fly away to Paradise, without abandoning you. These are the purest waters in the world. Dolphins, too! Imagine sailing with the wind at your back, and dolphins starboard.

This video is slow starting but the dolphin shots are gorgeous!

And the balloon rides!! I love parasailing, but I’ve never taken a balloon ride. Parasailing in Turkey brings me back full sail to martinis, where we began our little voyage.

My first parasailing adventure was in St. John.

For the purpose of today’s tale … as zero hour was approaching and Anne intended to get out of her comfort zone — once and for all — by going parasailing, I walked into the Westin hotel bar, ordered a double martini, drank it in about three minutes flat, exited to our waiting boat … told everyone that I was going up first … even when the crew unfurled a dreadful parasail bearing a skull & crossbones … and was last heard screaming 400-500’ in the sky:

“Pay more money! I don’t want to come down!”

I say: “Turkey, here we come.”

Love, Anne