J'Adore: Portofino and the Italian Riviera

Flickr photographer: focalplane 

Certain photos and memories are stamped in our brains forever. I have a profound relationship with Portofino.

Writing at my desk here in Manhattan, I look across the Hudson and see a boat cruising into the Liberty Landing Marina. Except that I don’t see Jersey City; I see Portofino. The only Jersey City landmark that grounds me back in America is the famous Colgate Clock.

Reality grabs my consciousness only see if I sit back in my chair, turning my eyes to the right. Then the dream ends.

Driving into Carversville, I have another Italian moment, one that takes me back to my darling lover Portofino.

This Italian Riviera-looking house is a short distance from mine. Without the small red barn on my right, turning into the driveway to my own cottage, I could easily unlock my front door, thinking I was still in Italy.

Now for the real story: London Times writer Kathleen Wyatt takes us on a brief tour of Genoa, ending her journey in Portofino and the still lovely oasis that’s the Splendido Hotel. Flickr photographer covingdm gives us a lovely tour of the Splendido and Portofino, taken during a meeting of the American Horticultural Society:

My heart jumps with delight looking at these photos.

I was so silly the day I checked into the Splendido that I acted out a scene from “I Love Lucy”, calling my colleague from the balcony. I was a rarely-seen version of Anne that afternoon … pure, unadulterated silliness.  I just checked into YouTube and Google in search of her “ring, ring from the window” episode, but no cigar.

I leave you with a nice video about Portofino.

As for you, Portofino … well, I give you the Flickr photo pool, full of gorgeous tributes to you, my tearful heart that’s full of intense passion for you. I send you the sexy goodbye frequently air-kissed my way:

Ciao bella.