J'adore: Pangea Day

Man oh man … Ted was very, very busy and I was sleeping at the switch. I missed telling you about Pangea Day, May 10, the first-ever global, film-based storytelling event, organized by TED curator Chris Anderson. All our friends were there, including Queen Noor of Jordan, another marvelous Jordanian woman, and a prime example of an American woman who has gotten out of her own, provincial skin.

Sitting in the Culver City audience was film producer Lawrence Bender, whose “An Inconvenient Truth” had its own global reach.

“It sounds a little airy-fairy, but the world is such a tough place right now,” said Bender, a TED Conference regular and a Pangea Day advisor. “We kind of need something like this event.”

The program was broadcast in seven languages. The live audience at Sony was about 1,200, joining crowds of 2,000 each in London, Rio de Janeiro, the Great Pyramids of Egypt, Mumbai, India, and Kigali, Rwanda, with smaller gatherings in other cities.

I adore Christian Amanpour, who kicks off the first segment of this introduction to Pangea Day. Organizers are planning a second event in two years.The films are all available on the Pangea Day website.