J'Adore: Not Quite Nigella & Dark Chocolate Sorbet:

Combine my need for a J’Adore “Quickie” with my discovery of a simple to make, but luscious-looking sorbet recipe in the NYTimes; consider my inability to write 100 short words and … and what do we get … Not Quite Nigella.

“So what” you say! Consider that this entire coincidence comes in the vastness of cyberspace. How many cooking blogs are on the Internet? 1 million? Read on to see just how small the world really is.

Event A

Super-Simple Sorbet

Anne discovers a yummy recipe for sorbet … a tasty, flavorful, simple to make, colorful, sensuous, healthy alternative to Christmas cookies. It’s good for a quick J’Adore … because I truly do love sorbet.

1 pound frozen strawberries or other fruit

1/2 cup yogurt, crème fraîche or silken tofu

1/4 cup sugar, more or less.

1. Put all the ingredients in a food processor container along with a couple of tablespoons of water. Process until just puréed and creamy, stopping to scrape down the sides of the bowl as needed. If the fruit does not break down completely, add a little more water through the feed tube, a tablespoon or two at a time, being careful not to over-process or the sorbet will liquefy.

2. Serve immediately or freeze it for later; if serving later, allow 10 to 15 minutes for sorbet to soften at room temperature.

Yield: At least 4 servings.

Event B

Anne could stop here. This is enough, but her mind doesn’t work this way. “What do I offer that is mine?” she asks herself. All I did was “quote” the NY Times.

Anne decides to consult Ms. Majesty.

“A sorbet should be in the Kitchen Channel, Anne. If all you’re doing is giving your buddies a recipe for sorbet, it belongs in the Kitchen Channel not J’Adore.”

“But I truly adore sorbet, Ms. Majesty.”

“Sorry, Anne. You’re cutting corners … being a bit of a slacker here. People expect more from you than just ripping off the NY Times. “

“Oh Ms. Majesty, I was trying to do a Quickie tonight. I have so much to do for my presentation on Tuesday. But you are right. I will do better. We don’t need new news for the Kitchen Channel because Not Quite Nigella is doing just fine over there. She’s good until Wed. or so. I want to write about sorbet.”

Event C

Anne gets back on the Internet. She goes to Flickr. Nice photos but nothing strikes her fancy. Besides … sorbet in the month of December is already pushing it. Except for readers in the Southern Hemisphere and the Caribbean, these photos are looking mighty summery.

That’s it! Christmas sorbet. That’s an original offering. Surely someone is doing Christmas sorbet, looking properly Holiday-inspired.

Anne is off to Google Blogs in search of Christmas sorbet. Nada . .. two entries … blogs removed. What a total waste of time!

She searches for sorbet in Google blogs … “when what to her wondering eyes should appear on Page 1 … Dark Chocolate Sorbet with Sour Cherries Cuisinart Ice … posted Dec. 4, 2008.”

“I’ve got it, Ms. Majesty! Perfect. Christmas Eve sorbet.”

Event D

Anne moves to open the Google link and stops dead in her tracks. Who was making Dark Chocolate Sorbet when we were busy salivating over her asparagus and brie pizza? Indeed … Not Quite Nigella. Twice in the same week … in the vastness of cyberspace … this Sydney girl co-ops Anne’s passion for sensual food.

OK, my friends. What are the chances of this happening! 10 trillion to 1 or some equally crazy #. Seriously, I must introduce myself tomorrow. I adore this woman … forget her cooking!

Our divine Kitchen Goddess Not Quite Nigella will tell you how to make this exquisitely yummy, sexy dessert. I think it’s a perfectly seductive joy for two … candles, music … ah I can see this chocolate feast now in my mind.  

Event E

I cannot help myself. I vow to stop in one more moment, but I am addicted now to this sorbet idea. Just one quick tiny glance to the bottom of Google Blog Search for “sorbet” Page 1. Then I’m done.

YES! Nigella strikes again, this time on Foodgawker.

Not only has she posted her Dark Chocolate Sorbet and the Asparagus with Triple Cream Brie Pizza . . oh Lord. Now we have La Vie En Rose: Rose Creme Brulee, Raspberry sorbet balls, fresh lychees, petit rose macaroons and coconut strawberry tapioca shake.

The woman has exhausted my senses tonight. From a desire to share Simple Sorbet, I’ve collapsed in a heap of petit rose macaroons. I’m stopping here. No more Googling tonight … No more Not Quite Nigella.

I’ll probably dream about rose creme brulee.

Sweet dreams, Not Quite Nigella.

What am I saying, dear woman … you are in Sydney. It’s another day in the kitchen for you.

Please stop … take the day off.  Your new American friends can’t take one more indulgence from your sensual imagination. Turn OFF the Cuisinart! We beg you! Have mercy.

Love,                                                                                                                                                          Anne

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