Kitchen Blogs: Those Yummy Australians

Anne writes:

You have every right to assume that I’m still lost — without resolve — in the seductive intoxication of asparagus … but I’m not.

None required … uummmmmI encountered this sumptuous Asparagus and Triple Cream Brie Pizza, not looking for Erotic Food, but relishing any woman who names her blog Not Quite Nigella.

This is a woman after my own heart.

The fact that Lorraine greets me with a culinary concoction making my mouth water at 10:38 am, EST, is just testimony to her extra-special skills in the kitchen, beyond her cleverness with blog names.

Have we encountered another blogger from Sydney? If we add up the population of Sydney and the representation of Australian blogs on Anne of Carversville, we will discover that I have a “thing” for Australians.

Not Quite Nigella is in the Top 100 Australian Women’s blogs, making me wonder what other delights I can discover in the list.

We’ve established that Anne is not the best “joiner” on the Internet, but I’m intrigued with digital culture and how it brings us all together in new communities.

Not Quite Nigella has joined Daring Bakers, a group she describes as giving formidable challenges to participants… .not the easiest or shortest recipes, but real challenges.

I like Daring Bakers already, because they support the Grameen Foundation and its micro-loans to women.

Rosemary bread from Creampuffs in VeniceThe founders of Daring Bakers are Cream Puffs in Venice (hopefully not under water this morning), an existing Anne of Carversville Kitchen blog, with a recipe for Rosemary Bread — which I adore and is my favorite — and La Mi Cucina, who has a new husband.

How’s that for a bit of global gossip! We send joy and very best wishes for a wonderful married life and plenty of fond memories in the kitchen.

La Mia Cucina
also posts a pizza recipe, and I can only say that it will be very difficult eating a protein-based salad for lunch. 

I may not even trust myself getting near the kitchen, after this inspiring quick tour of  Not Quite Nigella’s blog friends.

El Primo Yummy Mummy

Speaking of Madame Nigella, she is a real Yummy Mummy on YouTube, with quite a fan club of young men. Reading their comments is interesting for Anne, who studies human psychology and motivation and how it impacts what we buy today and in the future.

In a case of perfect timing, today’s London Telegraph has a Nigella Lawson blurb, in which she explains embivalence over the title Domestic Goddess, which she has readily embraced.

Beyond a fixation with certain body parts, many of these scrappy, YouTube guys remind us of how much they appreciate the culinary arts. And Nigella does indeed have a way of transforming cooking into a quasi-erotic experience.

I don’t want to put this importance of homecooking idea in gender-terms, with women in the kitchen . . but in their private YouTube moments, males do remind us all of just how important this Yummy Mummy, nurturing vision of womanhood is to them.

I read in the Telegraph that Nigella Lawson has encountered the wrath of women for promoting her sexy, culinary arts. I say “live and let live, and I’m as feminist as they come.”

Nigella amuses me. We women can be way too sensitive, refusing to see the humor in any moment. Personally, I’ve tried to learn to lighten up a bit.

Alas! And the world has such REAL problems out there. Let’s focus on the Grameen Foundation and sponsoring women entrepreneurs in Third World countries and leave poor Nigella Lawson to her pinafore’s if that’s what she wants to wear.

We women get sooooo bossy!!

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La Mia Cucina (will be added to Anne of Carversville Kitchen)

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