J'Adore: Lobster at Joe's Stone Crab

Anne here, trying to get myself back on track after a busy couple of days. I have work to do on Anne of Carversville, but already I’m derailed in dreams of lobster and Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami.

Finally, in the midst of all this terrible economic news, one positive note. The New York Times reports that lobster prices are the lowest in 25 years. You can expect a lobster blowout at Manhattan’s Chelsea Market’s The Lobster Place. Mail order available.

Lobster AfterOh, dear. They also sell stone crabs, when in season. Just reading the article about lobster took my brain to South Beach and Joe’s Stone Crab … then key lime pie. Erase, Anne. Back to stone crabs.

Joe’s is celebrating its 96st season. As our financial, business and political institutions fall around us …

 … Joe’s Stone Crab on Washington AveJoe’s Stone Crab stands  … and also ships these mouthwatering dishes mail order. Reflecting for a moment, Joe’s Stone Crab is one of the few restaurants with me my entire adult life. I bet I only have 3-5 of those.

I probably relate to Jesse Weiss, son of Joe’s founders:

“Jesse was a character,” says one longtime Miami resident. “He was a scoundrel, a womanizer to the hundredth degree, a gambler. But everyone who came into Joe’s wanted to see Jesse. He knew everyone- movie stars, journalists, politicians, sports people, gangsters.”

Joe’s Stone Crab RestaurantIt sounds to me like Jesse Weiss needs a novel. Unfortunately, we can’t write it this morning. Time is flying.

Let me give you some good lobster recipes from Cook It Simply. This is another wonder of lobster … so sumptuous yet simple. Perfect! Hmmm … one more sexy lobster recipe … Grilled Seafood Wrapped in Banana Leaves.

The universe is so strange. I am 90% sure that if I check my calendar, I was in South Beach and Joe’s last year at this time. Interesting!

Love,                                                                                                                                                          Anne