Diana Vreeland: An Original Opinion on Just About Everything

Wednesday, 26th of November, 2008:

The Design Public features this popular photo of Diana Vreeland and another infamous quote: “I want this room to be a garden - but a garden in hell.” See also The Design Public: Hollywood Regency 101

Vreeland was one of the most outspoken women among our style Icons. If I think about it, there’s probably a positive correlation between becoming an Icon and following your own creative instincts. 

Icon status comes to only a few people in life.

The rest of can be very happy as self-actualized people.  I believe that finding our Inner Artist is essential to discovering our true selves. We’re not all painters and composers. Some of us are patchwork-makers and needlepointers.

The challenge is to find a passion that relaxes and inspires us … something we can say — this is an expression of ME, of my sense of color, my sentiments, my vision.

Research has shown that when women indulge in self-discovery, we not only find ourselves to be happier … but so are all the people who live with us.  Self-sacrifice does not bring joy for people in our orbit, unless we really and truly make those sacrifices from a good  and loving place in our hearts and minds.

When our generosity is buried in resentment and strident reminders of how no one appreciates us, everyone suffers for years.

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