Style Me Pretty Makes Beautiful Celebrations

One of my key lifestyle trends is called Goodbye Mayberry, with its focus on the evolution of marriage in America, and also globally. For certain, the entire concept of marriage is being redefined in today’s world, with a greater emphasis on couples being “soulmates” and lesser emphasis on marriage as an economic institution.

Having written these words, I don’t know too many people who don’t enjoy photos of marriage celebrations … the pomp and circumstance, the joy and sense that on this day, all things are possible.

Hope overflows on wedding days, as we celebrate the promise between two people joining forces … hearts, minds, sometimes bank accounts and sometimes not … with the purpose of creating a future together.

If Town and Country Magazine produced a wedding blog, it would look like Style Me Pretty.

Style Me Pretty is a very popular photo blog that celebrates weddings. The editorial composition and layouts are gorgeous, with photography supplied to Abby by individuals and wedding designers.

Abby’s about page says that the ideas and inspiration from her pages suits a $5000 wedding budget or a $50,000 one. My quick joy ride through her pages didn’t pick up too many $5000 weddings. But her pages are brimming with inspiration and dreams.

Reading Style Me Pretty is as much about daydreaming as actually planning a wedding. The experience of wandering through her gorgeous photo layouts is about hope and a search for bedrock in the midst of these troubled economic and political waters.

I tend to choose blogs that make me smile, even if there’s a sweet regret or sadness, attached to my experience. And I love good design …  the typography, photos, general organization of the materials.

Style Me Pretty is such a website … a frothy, residue of cappuccino on smiling lips. Enjoy.

Love, Anne