Kitchen: CHOW: Make Your Own Digestifs gets us in the gift-giving spirit on a budget. It’s going to be a lean Christmas this year. The holiday needn’t be boring or lacking in imagination.

In fact, when we’re under the gun financially, our minds are free to come up with simpler gifts infused with good intentions and positive sentiments. Those are often the gifts most remembered, especially when they are well-done offerings.

Looks can be deceiving. I would never believe that these innocent-looking applesauce jars could be a gift of homemade Limoncello. Just looking at the photo takes me straight to Capri.

In reality the last time I was in Capri, I had a double scotch on the way over, Sunday afternoon at 3pm… still fuming over colleagues who insisted on taking the water route from Cannes to the Nice airport.

I knew better and was “in charge” of delivering us on time.  So much for authority. I was outvoted; we ran into Sunday beach traffic and at least two parades.

Delaying a private jet by two hours is a very expensive matter. When it came to taking the heat, I was suddenly “in charge” again. So much for team backbone.

When I arrived at the Grand Hotel Quisisana, all I wanted to do was crawl under the covers for 24 hrs. It’s a perfect place for sulking!

At any rate, back to Limoncello. What a great idea to make your own digestifs. The purpose of this quasi-medicinal drink is to settle one’s stomach after a meal. I do love how the Europeans have invented totally legitimate grounds for us to continue our pleasures.

I tend not to have a sweet tooth, so the basil digestif might be best for me. Besides, I’ve never had a basil anything drink. This should grow more than a few new dendrites. It seems that this little J’Adore post is full of at-home adventure for all of us.

Memo to Ms. Majesty: “MM, dear. Do we have any of those quaint little canning jars? You know, the ones you nag me to bring back from Carversville? I have a project for you … knowing just how much you like hanging out in the kitchen.

I just searched for Martha and Limoncello. The only references I saw concerned M’s ability to cause indigestion, not cure it. Alas, type A personalities are so misunderstood in talented women.

You could scoop Martha on on this digestif business, Ms. Majesty.

Times are tough and you need to start earning your keep around here. Please get back to me on this project.”

Love, Anne