J'Adore: Hotel Forza Mare in Montenegro

Hopefully I’m not the only one among us who stumbled a bit, trying to place Montenegro in my mind.

After all, it was 5am when I discovered the Hotel Forza Mare on Notcot, and I had already flunked trying to operate the ThinkAgain marketing webpage, supporting The Atlantic magazine. (The Atlantic is now added to Mental Notes.)

Montenegro, Montenegro … we Americans can be so provincial in our thinking, even when we are global travelers as I am.

On the one hand, it doesn’t matter where Montenegro is located, because I would jump on the next plane, just to spend a couple nights at the imaginative, stylish Hotel Forza Mare, located on the shore of the Bay of Kotor. Each of the ten double suites is inspired by outposts around the world: Africa, India, Dubai et al.

Googling and Flickring my way to Montengro, my mind jelled around this “pearl of the Mediterranean” along the Adriatic Coast.

Europhoto 2008’s “small lonely island in Montenegro”I’m not sure which is more beautiful … the hotel or the landscape … but it’s a lucky visitor who experiences both.

Love, Anne