Will Carine Roitfeld Use Candice Swanepoel For An Angels Shootout In Vogue Paris?

Buzz is that Carine Roitfeld had an ulterior motive at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show last week, although she’s a regular for years.

The Imagist reports that Roitfeld has in mind a very sexy photo shoot by Inez and Vinoodh for Vogue Paris, with at least three Angels — past and present — in the mix. 

Candice Swanepoel getting winged-up by the VS body armor guys Reviewing our top read back stage Victoria’s Secret fashion show images from Daniella Rech, we think that Roitfeld should use Candice Swanepoel, who looks like she has a far better time being a true bad girl, than a good one at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. 

The Fight for Women’s Bodies

This image of Candice Swanepoel is one that frankly discredits Western women in the burqa debate. Being in frequent touch with Islamic women with first-rate brain matter after my support of Lubna Hussein, I’m expected to explain the Victoria’s Secret Angels in photographs like this one.

Progressive Muslim women aren’t debating female sexuality with me at all. They just argue that angelic wings are a different form of bondage. My answers are translated into Arabic, so we can educate Middle Eastern women about feminism and the liberation of the American women.

How in the world do I explain the backstage Victoria’s Secret shot of Candice Swanepoel?

Angelic Candice Swanepoel

The French — especially Karl Lagerfeld — can be very snobby about Victoria’s Secret models.

Let’s not worry about whether or not Karl approves of Candice Swanepoel. I understand that the French kiss the ground Karl Lagerfeld walks on, but I still say he’s very ambivalent about Smart Sensuality women.

The forward-thinking Mario Testino predicts that Candice Swanepoel is ready for prime time, based on his V-Man shoot.

“Candice is an amazing new find for me,” Testino says. “Gorgeous, free, fun. I decided to do the whole trip on her visiting Denmark. She was awesome and did not feel inhibited. She made the shoot an amazing experience. The guys were in awe of her.”

Carine Roitfeld celebrating with Karl Lagerfeld in June 2010, when Lagerfeld received the Commandeur de la Légion d’Honneur, one of France’s most prestigious honors.

Vogue Paris visionary Carine Roitfeld doesn’t march to Karl’s drum either — although she obviously adores him. Like Karl, Roitfeld has been accused of keeping a scale in her office for models.

The sex-vixen editor denies this allegation and was the driving force behind Lara Stone’s meteoric success as the fat-girl model impuned by all the size 0 stylists. Scale or not, Roitfeld celebrates indy women with major sex appeal and we refuse to criticize her.

Carine Roitfeld is true to her womanly conscience.

Wintour doesn’t do naughty — unlike her early days at Vogue US when she was also scandalous with feathers — but Roitfeld can lead the way with a fashion spread of angels like we’ve never ever seen.

Carine Roitfeld Defends Women Against the Morality Police

I understand Roitfeld’s mind, and my instincts say that she could really pull off sexy coup so decadent that Pope Benedict will send an exorcist to the Victoria’s Secret corporate offices.

Ssshh. Keep this conversation secret.

There’s a Catholic conference on exorcism this week, down in Baltimore. Locking up the Angels could be the first initiative of the new Vatican office against secularism.

When the exorcist is after you, a good girl can run but she can’t hide. Those big wings trip a woman up every time.

Italian sculptor Antonio CanovaWe doubt that winged women are a 21st century aspiration for women that’s worth keeping — unless they are a Phoenix, arriving on earth to save humankind. WE totally embrace as many Phoenixes as we can find for America.

The European viewpoint on sexy — much more sensually liberated and celebrated than America’s, which is essentially pornographic and not erotic — believes life is better when men are wearing the wings on occasion, leaving women to be our sensually-seductive selves.

We say string men up in feathers for awhile, so women can run fast from the Biblical forces coming after us with increasing fervor in America.

Candice Swanepoel and the divine photographer Russell James are leading the way to American women’s salvation. Other Victoria’s Secret Angels have also shed their wings in favor of V2 sensual freedom.

Building An Ark for Fallen Angels

I may start a V2 ark-building fund, in case America’s young women set sail for new lands in Brazil, Australia or Europe. Quite seriously, if I had a young daughter, I would want dual citizenship for her, given our current women’s rights landscape in America.

Besides the Vatican’s exorcist, the Mama Grizzlies are after us, and also the guys with the teapots. It’s too much stress 50 years after the second wave of the women’s movement in America.

Help us Carine! France gave us the Status of Liberty. Help our women now before Ms Liberty’s torch blows out.

Carine Roitfeld can make an international editorial statement about women’s lives, if she chooses to go for the apostolic jugular.

Whatever Carine Roitfeld does will be sensational. But I want her to think long and hard, before she loads and points her editorial gun. I say “go for it, Roitfeld.” It’s exhausting being controversial all the time, but you must lead when the subject is angels in America.

Coming Battle Between the Mama Grizzlies and the Snake Charmers

The Snake Charmer women need a strong voice in our camp, someone to help us with Mrs Palin and her Mama Grizzlies. They are bigger than us but we can run faster, if only we shed our wings and fly away like a Phoenix.

To be continued … Anne