Snake Charmer Woman Kate Moss | Vatican's 'The Exorcist Files'

It’s so interesting how these dot-connecting editorials come in waves in a few hours.

After our two Brazilian Vogue beauties, we have the new Kate Moss for Balmain video, produced by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin for Fall/Winter 2010/11 and released on NOWNESS this morning.

As always the Dutch duo play with surrealism and blurring the boundaries of reality, but the appearance of the snake and animalistic creatures is well-received by the Snake Charmer women of AOC.

I’m intrigued that this editorial content comes together the same day the Pope has announced that God is absolutely behind the Big Bang theory of creation, and the Vatican is teaming up with Discovery Channel to produce ‘The Exorcist Files’. (This is not a joke.)

We are primed and waiting breathlessly to see how many exorcisms in the Discovery Series are performed on women. Although gender-based statistics worldwide are difficult to find, no one disputes the assumption that more exorcisms are performed on women than men.

As the Kate Moss video reminds us, the Devil prefers to inhabit women’s bodies.

In Brazil, 73.8% of the population says they are Roman Catholic. In recent decades, there has been a great increase of Neo-Pentecostal churches, which has decreased the number of members to both the Roman Catholic Church and the Afro-Brazilian religions. via Wiki

A movement towards syncretism of the combining of religious elements — a spiritual menu that draws across different religions — is on the rise in Brazil an elsewhere in the world.

Emanuela de Paula | Jacques Dequeker | ‘Sex on the Beach’ | Vogue Brazil January 2011 AOC Private Studio

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