Positive Correlation Women's Sexual Happiness & Total Wellbeing

Australian researchers have established a positive correlation in women between happy with their sex lives and having higher well-being scores and more vitality.

Their study included 295 women, aged 20 to 65, who were sexually active more than twice a month. Interpreting the findings is complex because researchers didn’t establish whether dissatisfied women had lower well-being because they were sexually dissatisfied or women who were originally experiencing lower well-being subsequently also experienced sexual disatisfaction.

The study, authored by Dr. Sonia Davison, of the Women’s Health Program at Australia’s Monash University, is most relevant for clearly establishing the positive correlation among sexual happiness, well-being and vitality.

Another “fact” emerging from the study is that lack of sexual happiness didn’t necessarily correlate with less frequent sexual activity, reflecting a behavioral response to partner and cultural expectations. A