"Patti Smith|Dream of Life"

Patti Smith: Dream of Life

Patti Smith has led an adventurous, activist, artistic life in the company of global, cultural luminaries. Her personal objects, a montage of objects including her Polaroid camera and Robert Mapplethorp’s slippers, are now on display in Chelsea’s Robert Miller Gallery.

The opening of “Patti Smith and Steven Sebring: Objects of Life” accompany’s directing the documentary 11 years in the making: “Patti Smith: Dream of Life”. 

The film moves from stage to bedroom, and presents an intensely personal view of Smith. “We had so much trust. She just opened up to me,” Sebring said. “I never asked questions, I just let her unveil her life. That’s why she did the whole voiceover for the film. I didn’t want anyone else talking.”