Guy Ritchie | Jude Law | Dior Homme | Hot Monogamy Date Play

Watching Guy Ritchie’s new Dior Homme commercial with a Mad Men-mentality Jude Law acting out an entangled erotic engagement with the very lovely Michaela Kocianova, I found myself confused the first time.

Unlike most viewers, I want to write with intelligence about what I just saw, so being clear in my own mind is important.

Dior Homme - Un Rendez Vous (by Guy Ritchie starring Jude Law)

Does Dior Homme know something about its customer — that he or she is already an art house, noir film buff with sophisticated tastes in complex storylines as well as erotica? Are they almost certain that s(he) will push play a second time, out of intrigue and a desire to understand fully?

If so, Dior Homme has created a commercial, psychological masterpiece.


The second time viewing, I was now party to the little erotic on-screen game, and Esther Perel came to mind.  Author of “Mating in Captivity”, Perel is one of the smartest voices on hot monogamy that I know.

Most modern mates groan at the suggestion that a certain amount of game-playing is required to keep the home fires burning. The Europeans long ago discovered the value of a mistress and a mister, too. Several of my married woman friends in Paris and London have lovers and with their husbands blessings.

“There’s a powerful tendency,” Esther Perel writes in her introduction to her somewhat infamous book, “in long-term relationships to favour the predictable over the unpredictable. Yet, without an element of uncertainty there is no longing, no anticipation, no frisson.”

Simply stated, monogamy is damn hard work, especially if an active, engaging, inciting sex life is part of a couple’s expectations. Intrigue and imagination are just what Guy Ritchie delivers to his art-house commercial for Dior Homme.

Consider the Dior Homme commercial an exercise in creative telephone play, a minor suspension of rational thinking in favor of fantasy, and a backdrop far more thrilling than getting picked up by your husband at the local bar. There is another woman lurking in most of us, if only we would let her come out and play on occasion.