Green Beings Get Eco-Sexy

via Flickr’s Hector_MillaThis is not your typical bit of GreenTracker news. When you’re in the business of tracking “sexy”, as I am, your life goes up and down in the course of moments. Good news earlier this afternoon on my list of why sex is good for you.

Spermidine, a compound found in human sperm, releases free radicals that fight aging. This could be a key reason why people who had sex three times a week or more, looked 10 years  younger than their age, according to neuro-psychologist Dr. David Weeks, who conducted a large survey for the book “Superyoung.” I must check on condom usage, which would keep sperm from impacting the test results. I believe most people in the final sample were in coupledom.

Frequent sex and regular exercise were the top traits of the Superyoung.


Feeling a bit sex myself after that post, I cruised into TIME magazine’s issue on women and Sex and the Eco-City: Getting It On Is Getting Greener. Now you know why this post is in GreenTracker.

This eco-sexy article is fascinating and a good read. Earlier this week, I listened to a modern priest explain that modern Catholicism is like a menage a trois, more precisely a MFM, between a heterosexual couple and God. Hmmm. Now that’s progressive thinking!

In TIME we read that the rhythm method, the only approved form of birth control in the Catholic Church is “organic” and “green”. No comment. However, the “rhythm method” is also gaining traction among greeners who praise it as a means of avoiding both ingesting chemicals and excreting them into rivers and streams.

No argument from me here, except that the failure rate on the rhythm method is high — 13 to 20%. Even WebMD says 13% failure and higher. So be prepared, as they say.

Here’s the ewww news. At a time when Americans are just getting used to prime-time ads for Trojan and K-Y, eco-consumers are learning that most of the personal lubricants in the U.S.—drugstores sold $82 million worth of them last year—contain chemicals found in oven cleaner and antifreeze.

That fact could help us all go green in the bedroom, and not with envy. Anne