Givenchy Transgender Model Lea T Stars in French Vogue

Updated| We’ve lived with Lea T madness for some time now, but the publication of the first Love Magazine cover featuring a butch Kate Moss kissing Lea T has unleashed a torrent of Lea T reads, and all our articles on androgyny, transsexuals, transgender fashion.

The article that follows is one of my original observations about the power, not only of Lea T, but the transgender movement, an evolution in human sexuality that I take very seriously as a consultant. This link will take readers to all our articles about Lea T and transgender fashion.

If American women didn’t hate French women after last week’s NYTimes discussion of aging sensually, they will after seeing French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld’s Aug 2010 presentation of Givenchy transgender model Lea T — in the buff.

Very little is spared visually in the French Vogue presentation of Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci long-time model who walked the catwalk in the Fall 2010 designer collections. The Lea T photo is very explicit and would never run in a fashion magazine in America.

My prescient mind went to sleep thinking about transgender people. Waking up this morning, our earlier story on Lea T was tops at Sensuality News, where I added the critical French Vogue photo.

Givenchy transgender model Lea T

The photo and widespread interest in Lea T represents another breakthrough in the New Eroticism trend and also the world’s expanding definition of sexuality. I assure you that the pope is appalled. But then, he has other matters on his agenda to worry about.

The photo below of Lea T is from the Givenchy Fall 2010 collections. Visit Sensuality News for the controversial photo of Lea T in French Vogue. Anne

Lea T Models Givenchy Couture White Lace in Vogue Paris 

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Transgender Model Lea T in French Vogue Fall 2010