Crystal Renn | Skye Parrott Dance Video for 'The Block'

The evolution of Crystal Renn is mesmerizing. Can her fans and the millions of women who are attached to Crystal psychologically and emotionally allow this lady bird to fly free?

Already there’s talk of betrayal, because Renn has been dieting. We, too, pray that she leads a life of sensible eating and exercise, while maintaining a healthy BMI.

From my perspective, I feel ‘in sync’ with Crystal Renn’s physical journey into her own sensuality and ownership of her body. 

Photographers have said that Crystal Renn can move. Today we see her in action, in footage taken by Skye Parrott during a photo shoot for new Canadian magazine The Block. via Dossier Journal.

Dance and movement are a core element by which women connect with our sensual selves. Crystal shows us how.

We just posted critical new scientific research about the relationship between obesity and exercise. Crystal Renn is undoubtedly remodulating her hypothalamus, the part of her brain that controls insulin and leptin.

We understand that the larger-size 14 Crystal Renn has a lot of appeal for millions of overweight and obese women, but her brain is sending the talented model another messsage:  ‘we want to be healthy Crystal; let’s reprogram our appetite and food consumption — for our health, not the fashion industry.’

From our vantage point, this sensual, healthier in mind and body Renn is the one we vote for.

Instinctively, I sense that Crystal Renn is very much in charge of her own body at this point. She will be the woman that’s best for Crystal, which is a leaner, healthier BMI version of her larger self, but never again the weak, sickly, anorexic Crystal Renn either.

This Crystal Renn model of a balanced woman in control of her total self is the one we’re betting on.

Crystal Renn | Skye Parrott Dance Video for ‘The Block’

Crystal Renn from Dossier on Vimeo.


Women musn’t be haters of the confident, sensual, active, shapely Crystal Renn. Her brain knows that she’s on the right track to emotional, physical, psychological healthy selfhood, and this is all that matters. We applaud her journey and hope she inspires millions of women to jump on board the Crystal Renn best-self bus.  Anne