Are Iron Men Brand Ambassadors, Even when Babes Are Involved?

Diesel is promoting their Only The Brave Iron Man Limited Edition cologne with babes and Internet tie-ins this summer. Following the example at, viewers could win free fragrances by:

1. Following AskMen_fashion on Twitter. (Note that with’s massive readershhip, there are only 2000 followers on _fashion.

2. Follow DieselIsBrave on Twitter. Note: About 1000 followers.

3. Tweet this page with an @AskMen_Fashion and @DieselIsBrave call out.

The campaign has a significant build up among top-flight bloggers. Here’s the posting, which is first rate.

It looks like the male population didn’t get an erection over Diesel’s Only The Brave Iron Man Limited Edition marketing strategy. Too gimmickey? Men aren’t as inclined to become digital product ambassadors as women are? The fragrance stinks? We don’t know. (Note: the web addy in the print ads below doesn’t come up either.)