Nigella Lawson Is A Blonde Bombshell, Lensed By Diana Gomez For Daily Mail's Sunday You Magazine

Britain’s Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson looks utterly divine in these images bringing delightful beauty to a special holiday supplement filled with recipes for Daily Mail’s Sunday’s You magazine. Lensed by London photographer Diana Gomez, Nigella is styled by Cheryl Konteh with makeup by Trisha Woolston and hair by Jamie McCormick.

The Mail reports Nigella dropping from a size 18 UK to a size 12 UK amid claims she followed the Clean and Lean plan, accompanied by a cocktail of vitamin, mineral and fish oil supplements. Lawson has retained her legendary curves and shared her new look, platinum wig — chosen only for the holidays, Nigella assures us.

I love Nigella Lawson and felt so badly for her, with the fallout over her messy divorce from Charles Saatchi. Life seems to settling down again for Nigella, now that she’s allowed again in the US after an admission of having used cocaine while married to Saatchi. Let’s not focus on these nasty details but celebrate Nigella’s marvelous spirit as she uncorks the holiday season. ~ Anne