Aline Weber's Sexy Men Beach Outing by Paola Kudacki for 25 Magazine Spring/Summer 2013

I simply adore how Anja Rubik is turning the tables for 25 Magazine, presenting sensuality and sexy from a woman’s point of view. Originally inspired by the 70s magazine Viva — a Penthouse publication for women — Anja is today surprised by the response to 25’s first issue.

The way that people reacted to it — even journalists — everyone was shocked and found it very provocative, which I really don’t think it was. And a lot of places wouldn’t sell the book because they said it was too extreme. We had to tone down the original layout because people wouldn’t print it. I thought that was really funny, because there’s really no vulgar imagery in there, or anything aggressive or violent. It was about celebrating beauty and women and their sensuality and achievements. Even some people our age didn’t know what to do with it. And meanwhile, my mom was really cool about it, and she loved it and thought it was fabulous.

It’s also interesting to note which male bloggers are picking up editorials like Chloé, lensed by Paola Kudacki with models Aline Weber, Antoni Russo, Greg Remmey and Nicola Wincenc. Michael Philouze styes the scene which focuses on neutral, oversized, sporty silhouettes. 

As for Anja, she delivers a totally fabulous editorial, lensed by Mario Sorrenti for the March issue of Vogue Paris. 

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