Karolina Babczynska & Adam Wallace | Chris Craymer | Glamour Russia June 2012

Karolina Babcynska and Adam Wallace share kisses galore in Chris Craymer’s June editorial for Glamour Russia.  A word of advice, Glamour Russia. Keep this editorial out of the state of Tennessee where the state legislature has declared kissing and hand holding as gateways to sexual activity.

Sex education in Tennessee schools already emphasizes abstinence as the exclusive form of sex education in the state. It’s not clear whether students will be fined or perhaps face expulsion from school if caught in these gateway sexual acts.

“Everybody in this room knows what gateway sexual activity is,” said state Rep. John DeBerry, D-Memphis, in his testimony to the Tennessee House of Representatives. “Everybody knows there are certain buttons when you push them, certain switches when you turn them on, there’s no stopping, especially for undisciplined, untrained, untaught and unraised children who just want to feel affection from somebody or anybody.”

The Tennessee legislation comes at a time when the National Association of Evangelicals admits in a video that 80 percent of young evangelicals have engaged in premarital sex and almost one-third of evangelicals’ unplanned pregnancies end in abortion. The answer says the NAE is access and information about birth control.

As for Chris Craymer’s editorial, how refreshing to see positive expressions of affection in fashion editorials. It’s sooooo summer of love, hippie chic and makes me think of my earliest days in New York. I am one woman who can prove that Rep. John DeBerry of Tennessee is dead wrong in his assertions. ~ Anne


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