Carine Roitfeld Sticks It To Candice Swanepoel & Joan Smalls for V Mag #74

I knew it! The minute I saw these Patrick Demarchelier images — especally these two of Joan and Candice — I knew they came from the mind of Carine Roitfeld.

In three seconds, I went from why is Candice holding a pin cushion (couture, of course) to the pink rose in Candice’s love zone. No-no, I said. This is Carine Roitfeld making one of her classic irreverence statements, proving once again that she can communicate her womanly key points with clothes on. This is why I adore Carine!

It’s this subtle irreverence, the sly wit that’s now totally gone from Vogue Paris, wiped out with the sensuality. Carine makes a case for the suppression of female sexuality — the mutilation of female sexuality — with a proper flower and a pin cushion.

How great to see Candice Swanepoel, Daphne Groeneveld, Joan Smalls, Saskia de Brauw and Sui He in V Magazine #74, styled with sly wit and great taste by the irrepressible Carine Roitfeld.


via Fnby