Kate Upton | Yu Tsai | Beach Bunny Bridal 2011

Beach Bunny Bridal brands itself in Agent Provocateur mode — and not so Victoria’s Secret Lily Aldridge angelic (I like those ads) — with this deliciously provocative ad campaign lensed by Yu Tsai and starring Kate Upton.

From hubby wearing the veil — styled by the obviously brillians mind of Nicolas Bru— to Kate’s strong woman ‘heel’ pose, Beach Bunny joins the cast of creatives getting women out of this silly SATC-mindset, helpless-female mess of the last decade.

I get nervous that Michael Bay might read this comment and think we want the cheeky VS Angels jumping out of their war machines again, strutting across the tarmac. NO! What I personally want is women on top for a change.

Let the other gender spend some time in the submissive position.

I hear it can be intoxicating from the BDSM aficiondos who insist the submissive is always in control. So try it, you’ll like it guys. That’s what the in-control crowd keeps telling me. xoxo Anne

Hair by Rob Tally; Makeup by Fiona Stiles


via models.com