Ladurée's Most Sensual Macaroons Nurture Fantasy & Pleasure Worldwide

The window of Ladurée’s New York boutique on Madison Ave. Photo By John AquinoOne does not bite into a Ladurée macaroon (or macaron). Rather you embrace it with your mouth, then lick it gently with your tongue.

As the sweetness is absorbed into your consciousness, your natural craving for more of this intoxicating sensation inspires a deeper connection with the textures and tastes, now opening wide for your pleasure. You must go slowly into your macaroon, savouring each moment of your sensual gratification.

To swallow your macaroon quickly is to miss the entire experience sensual experience, one bordering on eroticism if one lets her mind wander.

Will fast-walking, quick-talking New Yorkers take time to stop and smell the macaroons, now that Ladurée has opened in New York on Madison Avenue? Can the ultimate French slow living brand thrive in the city that never sleeps?

The Flickr list of Ladurée photos is a feast for the mind and eye and a reminder that this comparatively small culinary pleasure has a following of Ladurée pleasure seekers worldwide.

In the case of this ultimate French brand experience, Photoshop is not required. Visual improvement on pure perfection is artistic ego and arrogance. Let New Yorkers beware — Ladurée doesn’t need our brand development input.

These exquisite macaroons may just be the ultimate pleasure of the senses … except that they can’t speak to us yet.

If one were to open a box and hear a love song … well, the Ladurée experience would be complete. 

Scratch that idea! I’m not advocating for a Hallmark card with macaroons and ‘Feelings’  playing when you open it.

The sensual pleasures of Ladurée are best left as a private matter, an anchor of private passions worldwide. Hmmm … one of my fondest memories of Ladurée is tied to that insane evening with Victoria’s Secret women execs at the Crazy Horse in Paris (NSFW)

Let’s just say I was the only one capable of distinguishing pistachio from orange blossom and Madagascar chocolate in our prized macaroon cache, as we sped out to Paris to our Gulfstream waiting at Le Bourget the following morning. And they say boys will be boys!  Anne

For the holidays a couple years ago, Sephora did a special edition Ladurée bath collection. It’s no longer available at Sephora, but a wholesale Ladurée bath collection is in the works. It’s a rare food product that can become a beauty brand, but there is no doubt that this woman would happily sink in Ladurée bath bubbles up to her neck.

Ladurée is such a spectacular invitation to one’s senses. My desire to conserve resources and spend less money ends at the door to Ladurée. It sound silly to say, but these macaroons are everything that I stand for.

Ah … my favorite flavor: pistachio. Anne