Andrej Pejic's Hema Mega Push-Up Bra for Flat-chested Women

It’s an Andrej Pejic morning — one I have mixed feelings about — because I know that when we have a ‘run’ on Andrej, 60 days later I’ll have to ‘pay the piper’ in terms of a decline in page views at AOC. It amazes me that the power of the Internet and people’s interest in Andrej Pejic is so strong.

If you are living under a fashion rock, Andrej Pejic scored his first lingerie ad in the Netherlands — a country notoriously calm and well-adjusted on these topics. The campaign is for Dutch chain store Hema’s “Mega Push-Up Bra,” which promises to make your breasts “2 cups extra.” For a flat-chested model like Andrej who tends to pose in his femme side, this added cleavage can be a godsend. Pejic’s Sydney agent, Chadwick’s Joseph Tenni, told Frockwriter, “It’s revolutionary. I’ve never known a man to do a womens’ lingerie campaign before”.

Andrej has offered to get a sex change operation for a chance to model for Victoria’s Secret. The offer may be making light of the entire transgender journey and psychological/cultural challenges, but we all know that Andrej is quick-witted.

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