New York's Standard Hotel Delivers Dante's View of Civilization

Marco Brambilla’s video mural “Civilization” at New York’s Standard HotelNew York’s Standard Hotel is back in the news, with Target’s voyeuristic Fall 2010 light show, scheduled for Aug. 18, 9pm EST at the Standard. Noting that Marco Brambilla’s ‘Civilization’ is called out on S Magazine blog, we share it here.

Last year’s Sensuality News (very sexy, soft x-rated) article on New York’s Standard Hotel, located in the newly-renovated High Line Park, broke all records for a single article on any of our websites.

These trends confirm much about the identity of Anne of Carversville and Sensuality News. We exist to help readers taste the forbidden fruit in a respectable, tasteful, informative, cohesive point of view atmosphere. We address the challenges of morality and civilization headon.

Marco Brambilia’s ‘Civilization’ at NYC Standard Hotel

Artist Marco Brambilia and Toronto based studio Crush have created an art experience, inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy, one which utilizes over 400 video sources, including samples from several films.

The installation in one of The Standard’s elevators, and when guests look through a viewport, it simulates an ascension to heaven or your descent to hell. I haven’t seen the video riding down in the elevator but watching the ascension, there’s a bit of a surprise waiting up there in sky.

Civilization by Marco Brambilia

The end is a fitting for The Standard, a scene that’s promoted a sexy voyeurism since before it opened. The video is gorgeously lush, a little decadent but totally proper for Anne of Carversville. Enjoy. Anne

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