Mario Philippona's Female Form Furniture

Science has taken one more step forward in understanding the male mind. I say the male mind, because the female brain was not the focus is this revolutionary new study on the interconnected nodes and hubs — the cortex’s electrical architecture — that guides thinking and behavior. We only hope that a look at the female brain follows at once, because scientists have already documented major sex-based differences in the brain’s “hard-wiring systems”.

Going forward, scientists must distinguish between sex-based, brain activity patterns. Women possess a much more complex hard-wiring system. 

Seeing is believing. Men are not “cads” in the fact that they are more interested in and responsive to visual sexually arousing stimuli than are women. They can’t help themselves. Men are captive to visual imagery … not merely below the waist … but in  the core of their brain being.

Simply stated, men can’t help themselves in their long-standing adoration of the female (and sometimes male) form. Women have long been Muses to men.

Sculptor-cabinetmaker Mario Philippona has taken adoration of the female form to an entirely new level.

During Art-classes at the Institute for Architectural Arts Development in Maasland, the Netherlands, Philippona discovered sculpture in large logs of wood. Inspired by the perfectionism that women display in our use of fashion, stilettos, cosmetics and plastic surgery, the artist set out to make perfect female-formed furniture.

At least for men, his woodworking is certain to be a turn-on triumph. And it brought a smile to my face also.In the interests of advancing feminism, I also strongly prefer this sexy woman cabinetry to forniphilia. (See Forniphilia | Women As Doormats and Other Art Furniture.)

There are plenty of sly winks in Philppona’s designs … plenty of places to probe and penetrate … storing essential materials for easy access. All in all, these furniture designs are among the sexiest and most functionally beautiful on the planet. Bravo.

I can’t help wondering what the female mind would create … in terms of male cabinets … with the same inspirational assignment . . . definitely a man with many sets of drawers, hidden cubby holes. Hmmm.