Selita Ebanks | Kanye West | 'Runaway' Full Video Embedded

Flat out, Kanye West is one of the most talented artist-philosophers of our time. Kayne West’s new video ‘Runaway’ is a stunner, a controversial and beautiful social (and self) examination of America in 2010.

Former Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks envelopes the video with her ‘angelic’ sensuality at the very moment that several VS angels are imaged in the new Russell James erotic art book V2.

The plot sees a comet hit Kanye’s Lamborghini, with a beautiful injured phoenix, played by Selita, emerging from the wreckage. The most dominant theme in arty fashion editorial this season is woman as goddess, who comes to save mankind from himself.


Selita Ebanks helps Kanye West address the confusion in American morality through a lens of status, materialism, individual self interest and sensual ambivalence. This is a film certain to stir up Conservatives and the Tea Party crowd. Selita banks is more than a Victoria’s Secret bombshell. She is sexy, sensual but organic and a feminine heroine. We need more visions of these women in the Victoria’s Secrfet brand.

There’s no doubt that Kanye West speaks to the Smart Sensuality values of Anne of Carversville in a stunning new message for ‘sexy people with heart’.