The Devious, Decadent, Sensually Delectable Mind of Smart Sensuality Woman Martha Stewart

via MarthaStewart.comMartha Stewart is a Smart Sensuality woman who makes cupcakes and frozen souffles that remind me of breasts. No, I’m not being an irreverent, self-promotional liar.

I hold Martha Stewart in such high regard that I’m studying her Twitter profile today, to see just how she manages to be such a modern, hip technophile woman. Martha is hands on, so I don’t believe that she has abdicated the heavy Twitter lifting to 20-somethings.

Martha knows the score.

Writing now on the sensual health benefits of strawberries with a determination to impress our distinguished new cardiac doctor, who is monitoring the health benefits of my assumptions and words of wisdom, I was detoured into the truth about Martha Stewart, after happening upon her cupcake photos.

So sorry, Dr. Frank. Are you certain that you’re willing to stake your professional reputation on me? Please don’t reconsider.

This cupcake photo, which reminds me of perky nipples, and comes from Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes, via Taste and Tell blog totally derailed me, soon to be followed …

… by this one, Sprinkles’ Strawberry Cupcakes, reminding me of perfect mounds of breasts. I’ve written before about Martha’s penchant for cupcakes, inviting spanking erotica writer Rachel Kramer to join her on Valentine’s Day.

via Martha Stewart.comI’m sorry. Martha has a very saucy mind, if she manages to choose strawberry cupcakes dressed up like Parisian Crazy Horse dancers.

And why not? Martha Stewart is a babe! You think I’m sex toying with you? Not true.

Searching online just now for the photos of Martha Stewart in Harper’s Bazaar, September 2006, I was finally forced to dig into my own archives to find Martha.

Googling ‘Martha Stewart’+sexy in Google images brought up several unmentionable photos and one of Martha holding a six-foot hot dog.

Martha Stewart | Sensual Goddess? Look Again

I distinctly remember opening Harper’s Bazaar to the Martha photos and feeling a warm sensation through my entire body. These photos of Martha Stewart exude the sexual confidence of a very sexy Smart Sensuality woman.

After seeing these photos, I have no idea what Martha’s like in bed, but I suspect that she’s not as we might peg her, and I doubt that she gets many headaches. This then 65-year-old plus woman does not say “not tonight, dear.”

Anne’s private collectionWhen Martha was first starting out, baking from dusk to dawn, perhaps she had headaches, but no longer. Could we please give Martha Stewart a sexy shout out! Zowie! There’s more:

Anne’s private collectionI’ve been a Catherine Deneuve groupie for years, finally meeting her in Milan years ago. I never thought I’d see a fashion editorial of Martha Stewart channeling Catherine Deneuve, but we’re looking at it, Harper’s Bazaar, September 2006. More Martha, please!

I’m determined to change the results of a future Dove Campaign for Real Beauty Survey. I don’t want to see any more results where American woman say that are at their maximum beauty at age 25, and the French, Italian and Brazilian women weigh in at 35 and 45 equally. Age 25 is nowhere on their radar.

You are reading about the pathetic state of self-imagery and beauty self-confidence among American women, compared to the sensual cultures of the world.

If images like these of Martha Stewart don’t jolt us into a reappraisal of our potential as women over 25, nothing will. Anne