LeBron James Opens I PROMISE School | Trump Calls Lemon & LeBron Really Dumb | Melania Trump Praises James' New School Referencing A Future Visit

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In a Tuesday tweet, Michelle Obama praised LeBron James for his recently-announced I PROMISE School, a joint venture between the Akron, Ohio school system and the LeBron James Family Foundation. The I PROMISE school officially launched on Monday with classes for third and fourth graders. It will expand each year with the goal of having grades one through eight by 2022. 

Obama tweeted, “.@BarackObama and I are so proud of @KingJames and @IPROMISESchool. Kids in Akron and across the US are lucky to have you as a role model on and off the court. Keep using your platform for good and giving our kids a chance to shoot for the stars.  #ReachHigher #BetterMakeRoom

The new school's principal, Brandi Davis, is a veteran of the Akron school district, and she has served on the board of the LeBron James Family Foundation since its origination.  Davis has worked for Akron Public Schools for 18 years, as a teacher and principal at Central Hower, as an assistant principal at East High School and a principal at Schumacher Elementary School. She earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Akron, and lives on the west side.

On Sunday night's eve of the school opening, James tweeted out his own opinion of the school’s opening, noting that he personally missed 83 days of school when he was in the 4th grade. “Tomorrow is going to be one of the greatest moments (if not the greatest) of my life when we open the #IPROMISE School,” Lebron tweeted.

Donald Trump Takes on LeBron James (AGAIN)

As LeBron James' admirers far and wide -- including the business community -- appauded his new school initiative, America's racist, white nationalist president created a uproar, taking to Twitter on Friday night after James spoke calmly and with composure in a CNN interview with Don Lemon recorded on Monday.

The interview largely focused on James’ donating $8 million to create the new I PROMISE School and its focus on teaching and empowering young people who are at-risk, living in poverty with family lives and struggles that are not propelling them into future success.

In response to a question from Lemon about race relations in America, James said that Mr. Trump was using sports to divide the country -- a reality apparent to countless Americans. It is true that in response to earlier insults months ago, that Trump tweeted at James, the basketball legend referred to the president as a 'bum'. 

Trump took to twitter after the interview, insulting in a dreadfully disturbing pattern of racist rhetoric, the intelligence of both James and Lemon. 

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“Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon,” Mr. Trump wrote. “He made Lebron look smart, which isn’t easy to do. I like Mike!” The reference to 'Mike' is believed to be the debate over who is the greatest basketball player--Michael Jordan or LeBron James. 

By Saturday afternoon, even First Lady Melania Trump was involved. The New York Times picks up the story:

Mr. Lemon came to Mr. James’s defense on Saturday morning, tweeting: “Who’s the real dummy? A man who puts kids in classrooms or one who puts kids in cages?” He added the hashtag #BeBest, a reference to an initiative by the first lady, Melania Trump, that aims to help children.

Stephanie Grisham, Ms. Trump’s communications director, said in a statement: “It looks like LeBron James is working to do good things on behalf of our next generation and just as she always has, the first lady encourages everyone to have an open dialogue about issues facing children today.”

Ms. Grisham added that Ms. Trump would be open to visiting Mr. James’s new school in Akron.