deliberateLIFE issue #4 Gets Us On Track With ‘Back To School’ Tips On Creativity, Education And Living Life With Intention

I am happy to introduce myself to the readers of Anne of Carversville! My name is Ceylan Kumbarji and I’m a paid AOC writer of fashion and body posts for the last four months. I’m currently studying Journalism at City University in England. As a young woman born and raised in London, I’m proud to now be a part of the AOC team, being vocal and linking body image, values and sensuality with fashion and style.

As an avid reader for years — yes I was 16 when I started reading AOC — the opportunity to be writing for such a cultured, sensual site as AOC is one I take seriously. I’m very excited with my expanding role and hope to offer diverse views for AOC readers, while bringing a fresh perspective to the site.


deliberate LIFE Magazine #4

Another cultivating edition of deliberateLIFE once again offers readers insightful, seductive and relevant perspectives and advice on how to live a different, more improved lifestyle.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable read and the focus on making positive changes runs through-out the issue. Founder and publisher Fay Johnson ensures this issue is packed with flavour and each article is written with passion and zest.

From this issue of deliberate LIFE, we get an indulgent variety of articles and topics, including ‘Vacation State of Mind’, ‘Back To School’ and ‘Educating Girls Around The Globe’, where again, I’ve left feeling satisfied and more optimistic about the changes I can make personally. The magazine has an intimate feel to it and while the style of writing is enlightening and meaningful, it never seems pushy or too forward.

“…but going home leads to anxiety. I know I’ll arrive home to a huge pile of mail and an even more overwhelming to-do list.”

This line stood out boldly when I began reading the article ‘Vacation State Of Mind’. We all know and can relate to this all too familiar feeling. As a young Brit living out in Los Angeles for two months now, this was an ever-growing fear for when I was to return home. The article successfully describes how to handle this and the secret to taking that ‘vacation bliss’ feeling back with us.

I’ve been back for less than a week and that feeling of dread was present. Getting back into a dull routine, sorting through boring documents and preparing to go back to a much less exciting normality. So, I’ve been trying the deliberate LIFE tips to try and keep that holiday bliss feeling with me for as long as possible.

Being completely honest, it’s much easier to try and achieve small, minor accomplishments than to set impossible goals, so kudos deliberate LIFE writers. You make it easier to banish stress and give room for peace and control.


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