deliberateLIFE Magazine's Perspective On High Quality Living Syncs With Graham Hill's Big Life in Small Spaces


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Graham Hill by Tom Sewell for The New York Times

Graham Hill’s Big Life In A Small Space

On this very topic, serial entrepreneur and success story Graham Hill, founder of Siteworks, and — to name a few ventures — writes a wonderful piece in today’s New York Times Living With Less. A Lot Less

I have come a long way from the life I had in the late ’90s, when, flush with cash from an Internet start-up sale, I had a giant house crammed with stuff — electronics and cars and appliances and gadgets.

Somehow this stuff ended up running my life, or a lot of it; the things I consumed ended up consuming me. My circumstances are unusual (not everyone gets an Internet windfall before turning 30), but my relationship with material things isn’t.

We live in a world of surfeit stuff, of big-box stores and 24-hour online shopping opportunities. Members of every socioeconomic bracket can and do deluge themselves with products.

There isn’t any indication that any of these things makes anyone any happier; in fact it seems the reverse may be true.

Hill’s next venture is designing tiny houses, like the 420-square-foot space he lives in today. ~ Anne