John Currin & Rachel Feinstein | Voluptuous Love


What a great day, discovering John Currin’s paintings on Kanye West’s blog and Currin’s wife Rachel Feinstein, also an artist. I simply can’t imagine what these two talk about in bed at night, but there can’t possibly be a dull moment.

If Currin and Feinstein were to consider having a menage a trois, I suggest they hook up with comedian Rachel Feinstein, because her video project devoted to dissecting male bodies is totally in tune with Currin’s paintings that focus on the female body.

Ask Fachel Feinstein, the other woman, “And what did you do today, honey’ and you get a playback of her Offensive Women project, where Rachel takes to the streets of New York, asking the burning question “What About Men?”

Rachel Feinstein on the Street for Offensive Women

Some women might feel that Currin stereotypes women, but I think he gives us a good look at contemporary culture, including it’s American high-minded, moralistic culture. 

Very much like Anne of Carversville, Currin is boxing towards the same end-game from multiple directions: sex, religion, body image, morality and more.

Read my thoughts about Currin’s art, plus more photos in Les Artistes. See also Rachel Feinstein artist’s and wife’s work “Crucifixion”.


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