Matt Malloy's Splendid Smeared Photos At My Modern Shop

Matt Malloy ‘Burning Cotton Candy Flying Through the Sky’

My Modern Met features one of their most popular artists Matt Molloy, writing:

The Canadian photographer first hit our radar back in 2012 with his incredible collection of gorgeous smeared skies. He shared his awe-inspiring process with us in this exclusive interview. At first glance, the seamless smears appear effortless, as though they were created with the strokes of a paintbrush. However, we were amazed to find that each image was actually the product of stacking hundreds of timelapse photos together, patiently shot on a daily basis, over the span of three years.

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Matt Malloy ‘Sunset Spectrum’


Matt Malloy ‘A Splash of Colour’Matt Malloy ‘Impressionist Autumn’Matt Malloy ‘Smeared Sky’Matt Malloy ‘Smeared Sky’